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A second year PhD student based in Sheffield researching the reasons behind the molecular blinking phenomenon that allowed for the development of super-resolution optical microscopy.

Surgical Serums

  “Here comes the sleepy juice” said the anaesthetist as he prepped me for surgery and injected me full of a milky looking blend to make sure I couldn’t see, hear or feel anything that would happen over the course … Continue reading

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What do YOU think??

This week the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) published the results of a study with regards to the public perception of chemistry, chemists and chemicals. To me the results seem to indicate that the public perception of our field is … Continue reading

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Post Race Blues

Sorry if you were expecting some science – I do have a couple of posts lined up, I just need to get around to writing them! In this post I want to get something off my chest that really affected … Continue reading

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The Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2014 was awarded to the scientists who developed stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy, or STORM for short. But what does all of that even mean? STORM is a type of microscopy that enables the visualisation of structures … Continue reading

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Now you see me!

There once was a time, long ago, when I was told that “atoms are the smallest things in the world, and we will never be able to see them.” Who knew then that science would advance to such an extent … Continue reading

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Teaching old drugs new tricks

Thalidomide. If you studied chemistry to A level you will know that this is the name of a drug which was once prescribed as a sedative and to pregnant women to prevent morning sickness in the 1950s. It was, however, … Continue reading

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Golden Balls

Can’t find your condom? No problem! Researchers in China have developed a new type of contraceptive! All you need to do is inject your testicles with gold nanorods and irradiate them with infrared light… Sounds pleasant! The treatment works in … Continue reading

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