What do YOU think??

This week the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) published the results of a study with regards to the public perception of chemistry, chemists and chemicals. To me the results seem to indicate that the public perception of our field is improving and fewer people are still scared of hearing that some product they use ‘contains chemicals’.

One of the more interesting results for me were the ones in blue at the top of the infographic below (click to enlarge). They seemed to imply that the public perceive chemists and chemistry as important but that chemists did not think this would be the case. There may well be a major lack of self-esteem amongst chemists, but this may also be an artefact of the times when ‘chemist’ and ‘pharmacist’ were used interchangeably.

Either way, the outlook seems good to me. Do you agree with the results? Let me know in the comments below.



About ChemistDan

A second year PhD student based in Sheffield researching the reasons behind the molecular blinking phenomenon that allowed for the development of super-resolution optical microscopy.
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