Me, myself and science

I guess in this post I should introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my current research. I’m working on my masters project in Prof Nick Williams’ group at Sheffield University. The aim is to be able to create a functionalised surface with anti-inflammatory properties that can be used on medical devices/implants. The reality is that chemistry has a habit of being very unpredictable, and tends not to do what its told.

Like most of the people in my year, I don’t think I’m going to have enough results to write a decent thesis, and with only two months until our first draft deadline, everyone has entered panic mode! Lunches are being skipped, personal hygiene is starting to go out the window, and the queues for the instruments are through the doors. This is (for now) a small exaggeration, but I can see it happening in weeks to come. Just you wait.

Very little of my science has worked, but I remain optimistic and tenaciously strive to find the perfect synthetic route (if that even exists!). It’s this careless optimism that has led me to apply for several PhD positions starting in autumn this year, despite the strong discouragement from many of my peers. I’ve not heard anything back yet from anywhere yet, but I like to live by the philosophy that no news is good news!

To summarise: my science doesn’t work, I want to have another three years of science not working, and I seem to view the people on my course as smelly, anorexic instrument hoggers. I promise that they’re not, though. Scout’s honour.


About ChemistDan

A second year PhD student based in Sheffield researching the reasons behind the molecular blinking phenomenon that allowed for the development of super-resolution optical microscopy.
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